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Parts washers are time-saving cabinet style washers capable of washing anything from engines, components to fabricated parts. We are Water Works Midwest, an authorized Cuda Automatic Parts Washer dealer serving Indiana. Cuda parts washers provide many benefits and cost savings but most importantly, they are safer on you and your staff than cleaning with harsh solvents.

Parts Washing Experts with Extensive Cleaning Knowledge
We are based near Indianapolis and have been working with Cuda parts washers since 1997. Cuda automatic parts washers are industrial size washers that use pressurized jets of hot water and specialized detergents to clean all types of parts and components. Available in larger front load models or compact top load models, you’re sure to find a solution guaranteed to save you time and free up manpower.

Who needs a parts washer? Many industries have speeded their cleaning by utilizing an automatic parts washer. Manufacturing, Trucking, Construction, Heavy Equipment, Racing Shops, Hydraulic Repair Shops and Electric Motor Repair Shops, to name a few.

Custom Washing Solutions for Manufacturing
If you need a washing solution for your manufacturing process, Inline Cleaning Systems can offer the solution. Inline specializes in conveyor, pass through or batch style parts washers custom manufactured to fit into your facility. And every parts washing system is scalable to meet your specific cleaning needs. Tell us about your process. We’ll design and build a machine for you. Manufacturing, engine rebuilders, metal stamping, powder coating companies, electric motor manufacturing and bakeries have used Inline Cleaning systems.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our products, which include filters and filter housings, detergents, replacement parts and on-site service. We want to earn your parts cleaning business – give us a call for a free demo!

Many industries can benefit from using an Automatic Parts Washer:
Engine Shops, Manufacturing, Trucking, Construction, Heavy Equpiment, Racing, Hydraulic Repair & Motor Repair


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